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7 Tips to Take the Best Bath of Your Life

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7 Tips to Take the Best Bath of Your Life

There’s nothing better than a relaxing, indulgent bath. Your whole body feels rejuvenated, your mind is relaxed, and your skin feels as soft as a newborn’s skin. How do you get this kind of experience from your bath every time without fail? Look no further! We provide 7 tips below that will help you have an amazing bath next time and every time you bathe after that.

1. Add Epsom Salt and Essential Oil to Your Bath
Adding Epsom Salt to your bath will help your muscle relax and also replenish the magnesium in your body. This helps with muscle soreness and recovery in general. It is for this reason that Epsom Salt Baths are so popular with athletes and people who work in generally physically demanding jobs. Epsom Salt Baths not only decrease the level of soreness, they also help you recover from it faster.

Essential Oils work a little differently than Epsom Salt. While Epsom Salt focuses on the physical ailments of the body, Essential Oils really work on the mental ailments. Various scents have different effects on your mood when you take a bath. Lavender for example has a very calming effect and is the perfect Essential Oil to add if you had a very stressful day and are getting ready for bed. Eucalyptus helps with relieving sinuses and is great for improving mental clarity and relieving stress.

2. Create a Playlist of Your Favorite Music
Relaxing to your favorite songs as your mind drifts away just makes your bath better. You’ll just have a better time listening to great music as your bathe. Happiness during your bath also translates to happiness after your bath. Your elevated mood will carry over to after your bath.

3. Use a Bath Pillow
This really is a small luxury in some ways but it can make your bath that much more amazing. Have a bath pillow to rest your head on as you lie back will make your bath that much more delicious. You can easily find bath pillows on Amazon or at your favorite local home goods store. In a pinch you can always wrap a small pillow in a airtight plastic bag (double wrap it just in case) to use as a bath pillow.

4. Bring Your Favorite Beverage to Sip On As Your Bathe
There’s nothing better than a warm tea on a cold winter’s day as you take a bath. If you enjoy contrasts, you can go for a cold glass of lemonade or iced tea. Imagine sipping on a cold drink while you’re enveloped in the hot water of your bath. Maybe not for everyone, but try it before you dismiss it!

5. Give Your Self a Massage During Your Bath
Your muscles and tendons will already be warmed up and relaxed from the warm water of your bath. This is the perfect time to give yourself a massage and work out all the knots. Press slowly but firmly with your fingers or the palm of your hand on any muscles which are sore. This will help you to work the lactic acid out and speed up recovery.

6. Warm Up Your Towel and Pajamas by the Radiator Before Your Bath
Simply leave your towel and pajamas (if you’re going to bed soon) on the radiator before stepping into your bath. By the time you’re done, everything will have warmed up and will be ready for you. You’ll be wrapped in toasty towels which will ensure that your sense of relaxation continues after your bath.

7. Apply Your Favorite Lotion After Your Bath
The perfect time to apply your favorite lotion is after your bath. Your skin is still moist and your pores are open so that when you apply your lotion, it will really seep into your skin. You’ll have softer and healthier skin if you apply lotion after your bath. This is especially important during the winter since this can help prevent itchiness and dry skin.