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What is the Homefilos Portable Bathtub?

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What is the Homefilos Portable Bathtub?

The Homefilos Portable Bathtub is a Japanese soaking tub that was designed to be used in shower stalls. This ofuro tub enables people with just a shower in their home to easily take a hot bath whenever they want. Setup is easy and storage afterwards is a breeze since the bathtub is foldable and can be compactly tucked away to take up minimal space. 


What Makes the Homefilos Portable Bathtub So Special?

Not all bathtubs are created equally. When we designed the Homefilos Portable Bathtub, we spent time to painstakingly discover any potential issues that our users might have with our product and developed solutions that would make our bathtub a pleasure to use.


1. A Safer and More Comfortable Design

Perfect Height. When we looked at other portable bathtubs which were out there, we quickly realized that they were all absurdly tall and posed a real danger of tripping, especially for shorter people and the elderly as well. We determined that the perfect height for a bathtub was approximately 1 ft 10 in and anything above 2 ft (or 60 cm) posed a real danger of tripping when getting into and out of the bathtub.


Perfect Width. We also developed a wider bathtub to accommodate taller users. By talking to our taller customers, we learned that some of them had larger showers and preferred a wider bathtub that would provide them with more legroom. To meet their need, we developed a large-size bathtub that would enable them to take a much more comfortable bath.




2. Easy Draining of the Bathtub – No Matter Where Your Shower Drain Is

Draining of the portable bathtub after a bath is not something that most people spend time thinking about but this is really the difference between a relaxing bath and a stressful one. Trying to figure out how to drain a huge bathtub of water is not fun and that is why we developed a complete drainage system which makes draining your bathtub a breeze. We designed our drainage systems so that you have different ways of draining your bathtub. You’ll be able to use our bathtub without issue even if you move to a new home with a different shower.




3. Can Be Easily Used By Multiple People (By Using Disposable Bathtub Liner Bags)

You can easily share your Homefilos Portable Bathtub with others in a convenient and sanitary way with our Homefilos Bathtub Liners. These are essentially large disposable bags that you can line your bathtub with to enable others to use your bathtub too. Simply remove and dispose of the liner bag after the bath is done.



4. 6-Month Worry Free Warranty

We want to provide you with ease of mind when you buy from us. For this reason, we provide a 6-Month Worry Free Warranty to ensure that you don’t have to worry if you encounter any issues with your bathtub at all. We are committed to providing you with an amazing experience with our bathtub and our company, and you can count on us to do whatever is necessary to resolve any issues you may have. So buy with confidence when you buy from us.




Check out our testimonials to hear from our customers about the excellent customer service they have received from us. You know that you will be taken care of when you buy from us.