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Why the Homefilos Portable Bathtub?

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Why the Homefilos Portable Bathtub?

Do you want to take a bath but don’t have bathtub? Maybe you only have a shower in your bathroom or maybe your bathroom is under renovation. Or perhaps you’re a free spirit traveling across the country in your RV that only has a small shower stall. Whatever your situation, don’t worry because we designed the Homefilos Portable Bathtub with people just like you in mind. Now you can enjoy a hot soaking bath in our Japanese ofuro tub wherever you are. 

Here are 10 things about the Homefilos Portable Bathtub that make it such an amazing tub!

1. Comfortable and Safer Height

We designed the Homefilos Portable Bathtub to be the perfect height for adults – 1 ft 10 in. Its high enough to allow you to enjoy a relaxing full body soak without feeling claustrophobic. This height is also safer for the elderly and shorter people to step in and out of without fear of tripping.


2. Perfect Size Bathtub Available – Small or Large

Depending your height and the size of your shower, you can now get the perfect size bathtub for yourself. Do you have a small bathroom? Our Small size tub might be what you're looking for. Are you taller and have a larger shower for the tub? You can now get a Large size tub so that you can bathe more comfortably.



3. Modern Aesthetics - Warm and Soothing Colors for a More Relaxing Bath

We designed the Homefilos Portable Bathtub intentionally to be warm grey on the outside and soothing ivory white on the inside. These colors not only complement the décor of any bathroom, they also provide color therapy benefits. The ivory white interior of the tub provides a more soothing and relaxing bathing experience than you will find with other tubs.


4. 6-Month Worry Free Warranty

We want to provide you with ease of mind when you buy from us. For this reason we provide a 6-Month Worry Free Warranty to ensure that you don’t have to worry if there’s any issues with your bathtub at all. We are committed to doing whatever is necessary to resolve any issues you may have.


5. Quick and Easy Setup 

The Homefilos Portable Bathtub is easy to setup and can be done in minutes. Simply insert the side support rods and inflate the top inflatable ring and you’re ready to go!


6. Superior Heat Insulation for a Warmer and Longer Lasting Bath

The Homefilos Portable Bathtub is made of BPA-free vinyl plastic and is able to retain heat much better than traditional bathtubs. The reason for this is because the materials which traditional bathtubs are made (Porcelain Enameled Steel, Acrylic, etc.) conduct heat easily and as a result draw a lot heat out of the water. The Homefilos Portable Bathtub, however, does not do this and as a result the bath water stays warmer longer. 

In a test we conducted for the Homefilos Portable Bathtub we took the temperature of the bath water at periodic intervals to determine how much heat is lost over time. What we discovered was that after 30 minutes, the temperature of the bath water only went down by 1.4 degrees F. And after 1 hour, the temperature went down by a total of 2.7 degrees F. 

7. Easy to Store

After you’re done with your bath, the Homefilos Portable Bathtub can be compactly folded for easy storage in the storage bag provided with it. Reduce clutter by keeping your foldable tub along with all its accessories in one easy to find place until your next bath.


8. Elegant Product Box – Perfect for Gifting

When we designed the Homefilos Portable Bathtub we also made sure to design an elegant product box that would complement it. We know that if you want to give a Homefilos Portable Bathtub as a gift to someone that you want to make a great impression and this starts with having an attractive product box.

9. Includes 6 Free Samples of Bathtub Liners

We include 6 free samples of our Disposable Bathtub Liners to use with your tub. While these liners are completely optional, they provide a convenient way to easily sharing your bathtub with others in a sanitary fashion. Simply remove and dispose of the liner bag after the bath.

10. Customer Support You Can Count On

Our customers mean the world to us and we make it our mission to make sure you have an amazing experience when you buy from us. We put your needs first and always do whatever we can to resolve any issues you may have. We welcome you to read about the great experiences that customers like yourself have had with us in our Testimonials page here.

If you ever have any questions or issues, we can always be reached at